MySQL Slow Query

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闪电博客收到的MySQL Slow Query警告邮件

We have detected that your account executing a slow MySQL queries.

Username: axxx
Database: axxx_shan
MySQL User: axxx_shan
MySQL Query: select, p.post_title, p.post_content,p.post_excerpt, p.post_date,  p.comment_count, count(t_r.o

Slow MySQL queries are not allowed, because you share server resources with thousands of other users and your long lasting MySQL queries are slowering the server and other users are having MySQL performance and connectivity problems. Please optimize your MySQL queries as soon as possible.
Here are some good articles how to optimize MySQL queries:

Good tips how you can optimize your scripts and make our servers run faster:
- Disable all parts of your website that allows anonymous posting, such as open forums, guestbooks. These days automated software fills all open areas of web with junk and content spam and increasing your database size.
- Disable visitors monitoring and tracking (each move of your visitor makes database query)
- Disable all unused modules
- Disable internal stats for your website – use for example
- You may also logon to the phpMyAdmin and check which table has the most records. Then, if you think that this table does not contain any valuable information (such as logs, stats or cache), you can click on the `Empty` or `Truncate` icon to clean it.

We thank you for understanding,


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