AdChoices是什么?Google Adsense原来的标签ads by google被替换

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早在2011年就听说谷歌GGAD将他们将之前广告上的部分ads by google标签替换为“AdChoices”,并将标签位置进行了调整,这个东西的目的无非是提醒用户你正在看的内容是广告

闪电博客最近也发现了自己网站的一些网页上显示的是AdChoices,有点好奇,点击那个蓝色后跳出的是Goole Adsense的政策英文帮助页面:


Google AdChoices英文解释页面

Report a policy violation regarding the site or ads you just saw New! Our ads privacy policy has been updated.

What are AdChoices?

The AdChoices icon appears on sites that use Google’s AdSense program to show ads. While Google often shows you ads based on the content of the page you are viewing, we also show some ads based on the types of websites you visit, view, or where you interact with an ad or other Google product supported by Google’s advertising services. In doing this, Google doesn’t know your name or any other personal information about you. Google simply recognizes the number stored in your browser on the DoubleClick cookie, and shows ads related to the interest and inferred demographic categories associated with that cookie. It’s our goal to make these ads as relevant and useful as possible for you. Google doesn’t create categories, or show ads, based on sensitive topics such as race, religion, sexual orientation, or health.

Where can I learn more about how Google protects privacy?

To learn more about how we collect and use information at Google, please visit our Privacy Center

What choices do I have about advertising from Google?

Google lets you edit the categories associated with your browser, or opt out of personalized advertising, through Google’s Ads Preferences Manager.
Google may use your Google account information, such as items you +1 on Google properties and across the web, to personalize content and ads on non-Google websites. If you’d like to control how you see +1 recommendations from people you know, and how your +1 recommendations are shown to others, please visit the +1 button account setting page.



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